Rede Nasa

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Join us! wants to be an independent and sustainable initiative, useful for people who has an interest on quality culture contents on the net. That's why the main funding source should be users contributions.

If you also want to be member of Redenesa and make economic contributions to help to keep all contents freeded, you can make a transfer to bank account, with number 2100 5753 03 02 00055189, and point out your name and contact. You decide how much do you want to contribute.

These are the benefits and tradeoffs that we offer:

  • All the crew can access to a own space on, where you can upload videos, images, texts, audios and documents to download.
  • All the crew will receive a T-shirt of
  • All the crew can access all streaming broadcasting of rehearsals and premieres done on, which usually are restrictive. 
  • With a contribution of 60€ yearly, you will receive a book of Ultratextos collection. 
  • From 120€ yearly you will also have an invitation to all the shows at Ramallosa's auditorium (Teo).
  • If your yearly contribution is higher than 200€ you will get an invitation to all shows and programmed passes at Ramallosa's auditorium (Teo).