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About Rede Nasa

What's Redenasa? is an online platform that sustains a community of authors, audience and other profesionals of performing arts. was born on 2010 linked to the activity of Sala Nasa, becoming its digital soul and trying to make it survive after its closure.  On 2012, it's time to begin the second period of expansion and try to consolidate like a plataform to spread scenic contents and to become a venue to discuss and reflect about creative process. is an independent initiative, with free access, designed to be modified, energized and operated by the users.  

Nowadays, is one of the most importante audiovisual archive about performing arts on the internet. It is powered by the documental archive that Sala Nasa had created during 20 years of activity (1992/2011), trying to make it public and accessible in two years (on 2012 we have published the 30%). But it also receives many artistic contributions from artists and users who choose to keep their creations. 

On 2011, had 90.000 unique visitors, who had uploaded more than 250.000 pages. is a digital theater. We want to use all the posibilities that the internet offers to build new communities, to generate new contents together, to create narratives on real time. We want to experiment with new tools and formats, and to increase the quantity and quality of galician cultural contents on the net.  

I'm an author. Why should Redenasa interest me? is a wonderful way to keep on contact with your audience, other authors and profesionals. You can create your own page, where you can upload videos, images, texts and documents about your creations and to receive opinions and comments from people who is interested on your works. has got an agenda managed by the own users, where you can incorporate your shows, look for the place where you are going to represent it and show it on the map and encourage your users to suscribe it to receive by email your next shows and events.  

Your contents will be on a page that is used by other artists, so their audience can see your activity and also they can see yours. will promote all news, keeping a quality audience, and offering help to develope creational projects specifically designed to the internet. 

I like music, theater, dance and performing arts. Why should I visit Redenasa?

On you can see and share videos, images and texts, and also to dive into a big audiovisual archive about alternative art that keeps documents since 1992 and also be aware about your favourite groups. offers you the opportunity to contact the artists you like, to ask them what are they doing, to see where are they going to represent the shows and also to suscribe if you don't want to forgot again when the show was. is also a digital theater where you can see shows, premieres, colloquia and proceedings and also to access to the library. It's also a tv on demand where you can decide what and when do you want to see the videos, saving and also making groups with your favorites. Do you remember that show you loved ten years ago? Dive into our archive, maybe we have recorded it! 

How is funded?

The initial investment that we needed to design our project, to develope the software and also to catalog and scan our documental archive was funded by Chévere e and also with public helps from Axencia Galega das Industrias Culturais (Agadic) to interactive audiovisual projects and from Ministry of Culture to increase the offer of cultural contents on the net. In total, the investment was 90.000€, 70% from public contributions and 30% from private contributions. 

Maintenance cost of this kind of system is not really high, but if we want to guarantee its working we must cover some fixed costs, like server housing and personnel costs. Nowadays, whe have a person full-time to keep the system working and two on part-time to assume coordination, content management, graphic desing, recording and editing video. We need more or less 35.000€ yearly to cover these basic costs.  

We know that we can't compete with generalist media and that's why online advertising maket is not the best way for us to get incomes. We have a minor audience, but it's also true that it's a very cohesive community with common interests and is an innovative project with a high cultural value.  That's why we think that we can find support on certain institutions, companies and collectives that act as cultural events promoters. keeps a quality audience for them and we could be a big help for them to expand their activities. And we also offer a online marketing service that we can adapt to their needs.

But wants to be an independent and sustainable initiative, led to all the people who has interest on a quality cultural offer on the internet. That's the reason why the main funding source should be the community. 

If you also want to be part of Redenasa's crew and to make economic contributions to keep it working, you can make a transference or deposit to the bank account number 2100 5753 03 02 00055189 to Or if you prefer, you can make the transference using Paypal service.