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Videos and images

Vidos and images published on this web are property of each author.  

Videos and images published by Sala Nasa are freed with Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. This means that you can use them however you want, but you should always explain where it comes from. You can't get economic benefits from its use and the final product must have the same license. Also web texts are submited to this policy.

Users who publish contents assume that they have the intellectual property of it. Videos and images published by users will also be freed with the same Creative Commons by-nc-sa license. If you want to take and exception to this rule, you should send an email to contact Rede Nasa (

Youtube videos have the license that it's shown on the original web.

If any content is published under more restrictive licenses, it would be shown explicitly on each content. 

The web

This web has been created using free software libre. Code is performed with php frameworks and CSS phpCan e cSans, freeded with GNU Affero 3 license.

When we get a permanet version of this web code, it would be open with a free license.