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What can I do if I register?

Our contents are open and accesible to everybody. If you want to be more involverd on the web (send messages to artists, comment on posts, suscribe to someone's agenda, log in like an artist...) you must register on it.  It would not take more than a minute, because we only ask you for basic data. 

I had a stateroom at old Redenasa, shall I register again?

No, you don't. If you were member of old Redenasa you can use the same user name and password. Remember that, if you forgot you code, ou can request us another one automatically using the web (top right corner, on the main menu). 

What can an user do?

An user can leave comments, videos and images on the posts we publish and also on artists profiles. You can follow all the artists you like and receive all the news they publish. You can also suscribe to their agenda and receive by email notifications about next shows. You won't loose again a show because of lack of information. Each user has a wall where you can see all the comments he has already done. 

And what can an artist do?

An artist who is owner of a page must be asociated with one or more users, who have permision to modify that profile. Having an artist page on Redenasa is a very useful way to comunicate with your audience, because you can bring together all the videos, images and texts you want. 

Your Redenasa profile will be as atractive and interesting as you want (obviously, you will get more or less visits on it depending on this). Last updates are shown automatically at main page, it means that the more you update, more users will see you. 

You can also include your shows to our collaborative agenda. Every user can see on it what happens in Galicia on next weeks. You can encourage your users to subscribe it, and then they will receive your news by email.

I want to be an artist. What should I do?

The most important thing is that you request it! Send us an email to telling us why do you want to join us and what kind of artistic contribution you can do to Redenasa, like artist or content author. 

You must also become a member of the crew. This means that you must make an economic contribution to the web, donating the amount you think it's correct. This web is a communitary plataform that we must sustain together but each one contributes how he or she wants.

How can I edit my artist profile?

Once we link your user to an artist profile, a lot of options to edit it will appear on your menu.

You can add videos, images, texts and other documents on PDF format. You can also incorporate your shows to our agenda, look for the place where you are goind to represent it and leave a link to buy the tickets. 

What are the residencies?

Residencies are creative projects that we host in, and they have a special place in this web. These projects should be specifically created to be developed on social network.

If you have a good idea for a creative project on social network and you are interested on develope it with, you can send us an email to and tell us what's your plan.