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This web could be the perfect place for you if you have a product, a service or any offer for an audience interested on music, theater, dance, video, internet or culture in general. 

During 2001, had 90.000 different visitors, and had overcome 250.000 pages seen, a figure that should be increased with improvements done at the new version. We have less audience than generalist media, but it is composed entirely by people linked to the culture area, so we can be your choice if you want to link with them. 

We are opened to big and little advertisers and we will adapt our space and services to your budget. 

These are your possible options.

  • Banner advertisement: You can hire a banner on the main page during the time you prefer, rectangular or squared (sized like a post). If you don't have a graphic designer to create the banner, we can offer you this service, but the budget will be apart. 
  • Sponsorship: You can also sponsor our page. We can introduce your logo or graphic image at our main page. You can also sponsor only a section, for example, our agenda, canned or Ultranoite. In this case, your image will be associated only to these sections.
  • Video advertisement: You can issue an spot before the beginning of videos. You have many options: choose every video content to reproduce your spot or choose only some of them, link to some categories (music, theater, cabaret...) or even only to an artist.  If you still don't have an spot or promotional video, we can produce it for you. This service will be budget apart.

And marketing online services.

To hire an streaming broadcast could be a good option if you have a new show or you are going to do a presentation ceremony for any kind of cultural product. We can broadcast your show in real time, make promotions on social network and also make know it to relevant people. Further, we can give you a video recording after your show end. 

You can hire a complete promotion service for a show or cultural event. In this case, you can choose sponsorship and also we can produce promotional videos for you, streaming broadcasting, work on social network and make video enterviews and coverages about your show. 

The prices of these services can vary depending on your requirements and the characteristics of your project. For more information, phone or send us an email to get a more detailed budget.

Pódeste por en contacto con nós no correo comunicació ou no teléfono 66554218.