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Amores Prohibidos 2.0

How could Romeo and Juliet's story be if they lived in Boiro in 2012? Could they live their love story with a linguistic conflict between? Is it possible to make a theater play without a scene, only with the web and social networks? Amores Prohibidos 2.0 tried to answer these questions and to update a classic work in the digital world. You can check what has happened with Romeo and Juliet from 23 to 27 april, follow their dialogues and characters interactions. See more

Why teenagers?

Teenagers are accustomed to communicate using social network, to upload pictures and to record videos with their mobile phones and to share them on Youtube or Tuenti, to give their opinion using the net and also to work together using online communication. We want to use these skills to genereate a project that uses social network in a creative way and also to link classic culture and theater with teenagers. This is also a good opportunity to look for new audience to theater using uncommon ways.